Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Yellow

Wearing: Somedays Lovin Dress, Ray Ban Club Masters and thirfted huaraches 

Well hello there! I am alive and well....thank you for wondering! So it's been a pretty minute since I have done an outfit post....gasp!!! So the dress I got from ASOS...(who by the way is killing it with their dress selection..go take a peak!!)...this particular one is by an Australian brand called Somedays Lovin. I love how loose and free the dress hangs on my was perfect for this past Mother's Day since it was scorching hot outside. The color of this dress just puts the biggest smile on my face. It exudes happiness! It's not too bright...just the perfect pale yellow. My huaraches... I got these babies thrifting at the Coachella fairgrounds...I love them...they even creak a little when I walk...perfection!

Here's to a beautiful May and to keeping cool in the weather that Spring and Summer will bring! Adios!

<3 Andiee

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Better Late Than Never: Coachella!

So I know I haven't been on my blog in quite a long time....but trust me I think about it everyday! It really is such a challenge to post outfit posts sometimes! More are soon to come though thats for sure! Here are some snaps from when I went to the Coachella Valley Music Festival. There aren't too many since I was unable to bring my camera in to the concert venue, but these are some of my favorites!

I got to attend this festival with two of my very best amigas! I have known both of these girls for a really long time and I was super happy and excited to spend the weekend with them! We listened to music in the sunlit afternoons and the cold windy nights, ate tons of festival food, enjoyed some adult beverages, met some interesting people and at the end of the night settled in to our "Coachella Crib" back at the camp grounds! All I can say is that I had an amazing time and I cannot wait to go back again next year! Coachella 2013 was a major success!!

<3 Andiee

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All I See is Stripes

Wearing: Zara Linen Striped Tee, Zara Ankle Zip Jeans, Top Shop Booties

So it's has been a while since I have been able to post anything on my blog...but I am glad I was able to squeeze one in before I head off to Coachella for a much needed get away! I am super pumped to see a couple of my favorite bands/groups perform (The XX, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wu-Tang, etc.)....although the line up last year was very hard to beat I know I will have an awesome time with two of my best friends Allison and Erica!

As for my outfit, I am have been on this whole white and black kick lately and it makes shopping a lot more interesting since it is a trending fad right now! I find myself sticking to the basics and making sure the pieces I purchase are simple and clean but make a statement. 

I hope to have a good amount of awesome photos to post and share on my blog when I get back from don't forgot the come back and visit! Ta ta for now! :)

<3 Andiee

Sunday, March 24, 2013

In the ARMY

Wearing: Vintage ARMY Tee, Top Shop Ankle Grazers, Zara Plaid Button Up, Old Urban Outfitters platforms

It's spring!!! Why else would I break out in some cool dance moves?! I have pretty much been counting the days down until Spring....and its finally here! There is so much to look forward to this season. Coachella is one of the many.....but thats a whole other countdown! 3 weeks....yes!!

So you know that one vintage tee in your closest that is just so soft and worn in it puts the biggest smile on your little fashion heart.....well, this one is mine!! I snagged this ARMY tee at a small vintage shop called Lost and Found over at the Orange Circle. I paired it with a simple black skinny jean, black platforms and added a flannel like button up for a little flair! 

Happy Spring everyone!!

<3 Andiee

Monday, March 11, 2013

White Jean Baby

Wearing: Zara Fishnet Tee, Zara Slouchy Parka, H&M Zipper Jeans, Choies Flats and random beanie

Never ever did I ever think I would wear white denim...they have always been an article of clothing I always tried to stay away from! I think I just thought I would never be able to pull them off, let alone feel comfortable walking around in them. When it comes to denim for me the darker the better! When I walked into an H&M the other day, these bad boys were merchandised on the front table fixture....and for some reason the crazy thought of trying them on popped in my head. Curiosity struck like never before! Let me tell you, once I had these jeans on my perception of white jeans being a "no-no" no longer existed! It felt like I found a hidden gem...a pair of white denim that I feel grrrrreat in. Scoreee! 

I suggest you go and find some for can find them just about anywhere right now.... :)

<3 Andiee

Monday, February 25, 2013

Perfect Spring Coat

Wearing: Zara coat, Bella + Canvas Unisex tank, random black leggings, D. Co Copenhagen lace ups, Rayban Folding Wayfarers

I have never really owned a super nice coat. Maybe its because I have never really been that "fancy coat" kinda girl...until now! When I saw this jacket at Zara I knew it had to be mine! It is already such a strong outfit piece that I just kept it simple and basic underneath. It's the perfect transition coat...perfect for the end of winter going into Spring.

There is so much to look forward to this Spring! I can't even believe it will be March at the end of this week! Woooo...time flies!! 

<3 Andiee

Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't Speak...

Wearing: No Doubt Tee (Similar), American Apparel High Waisted Pant, Forever 21 Bomber Jacket (similar), Nasty Gal Rings, random beanie, and thrifted peep toes

When I put this outfit together I became super excited to wear it! This is what I think matters when getting ready and deciding what to wear for the day! You should always feel comfortable and confident in your outfit! The tee I purchased at a recent NO DOUBT concert...they have been one of my favorite bands since just about forever! I paired it with these simple but very practical AA high waisted pants and a faux leather sleeve bomber. Topped it off with a beanie and my favorite peep toes...

On another note, I am officially 25 years young now and am really looking forward to what this year will bring! As I get older, I always try to look back with a positive eye. I am so thankful for all the people in my life and the experiences I have encountered. I have learned so much about myself. Although getting older may not be seen as something to look forward too, I definitely know that in another year I will look back again and be even more wise and will have created so many more memories and friendships. Here's to another year!!! Cheers!

<3 Andiee